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Types of Rain Gun Sprinkler System

  •   Medium volume Rain Gun.
  •   Big Volume Rain Gun.


  •   Heavy duty construction using high-tech composite materials.
  •   Most suitable for a variety of climate like tropical, temperate and humid climate.
  •   Extraordinary operations at all pressure level, works smoothly and uniformly.
  •   Light in weight and easy to install. Light weight puts less stress on irrigation system structures.
  •   Maintenance free, self lubricating sealed bearing.
  •   Suitable for both solid set field irrigation and mechanically moved.
  •   Available in full circle & part circle.

Technical Features

  •   1.25: to 2” BSP Male & Female threaded inlet connections.
  •   Nozzle sizes vary from 8 mm to 30 mm depending upon the selection of Rain Gun and water requirement and availability of motor pumps.
  •   Pressure rating varies from 2.00 kg/cm2 to 7.00 kg/cm2.
  •   Coverage radius varies from 19.5 meter to 64 meter depending on size of the nozzle and pressure ratings.
  •   Discharge varies from 1.35 ltr/sec to 25.40 ltr/sec depending upon size of the nozzle and pressure ratings.

The performance is based on ideal test conditions and may be adversely affected by wind and poor hydraulic entrance.


  •   Recommended for field crops like Sugarcane, Pulses, Oil seeds, Cereals, Tea, Coffee, Vegetables, etc.
  •   Easy to use with portable Irrigation systems.
  •   Useful for turfs, Lawns and playgrounds.

Rain Gun Riser Stand

  •   Fabricated from G.I pipes to give stable support.
  •   Easy to carry and install.
  •   Suitable to hold riser sizes from 1.25” to 2” and above.
  •   Provide stable support even on hilly slopes.
  •   Wide leg support gives better stability against sudden jerks of Rain Gun rotation.

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