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Protected Cultivation

Nature has gifted land & water to the mankind but not in a unlimited quantity and forever. with the increase in population & modernization of infrastructure work, Agriculture land is reducing day by day and land value is increasing water resources is also diminishing which may be resolved with only protected cultivation. It also required a detailed study of soil, water, crop & climate.

Green House   Advantages

  •   Increase in yield up to 10 times.
  •   Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
  •   Crop growth is consistence and plant is healthier, uniform, quantity fruits.

Reduction in fertilizers, Labour Expenses

  •   Low water requirement.
  •   Higher water & fertilizer use efficiency.
  •   Cultivation in problematic soil.
  •   Cultivation in any weather condition.
  •   Easy to operate, maintain & control.
  •   Plant propagation & raising of seedlings.

Green House

  •   It is a protected & sophisticated agriculture.
  •   It Provide Protection from.
  •   Rain fall, snow, hail, & storm & wind..
  •   Sunlight.
  •   Birds.
  •   Insect, pests, disease.
  •   Temp & Humidity.
  •   Contaminations.

Range of Protected Cultivation

A totally customized, efficient and long life system which ensures better crop yield, saving in water, saving in labour & fertilizer cost.

  •   Green House – These are climate controlled it has variety of application such as. Off season of growing vegetables, floriculture, fruit crop growing for export market. Plant breeding.
  •   Poly house – These are basically naturally ventilated climate controlled having Varity of applications similar to green house.
  •   Poly Tunnel – These are naturally ventilated climate controlled with verity of applications such as growing of vegetable, floriculture, fruit crop for export market.
  •   Net house – These are again naturally ventilated climate controlled with variety of application such as growing of vegetables, floriculture, fruits for export market.

Main Crop

  •   Vegetable – Capsicum, tomato, cucumber.
  •   Floriculture – Roses, Gerbera, carnation.

Green House Turn key Projects

  •   Planning and development.
  •   Soil & Selection.
  •   Product & technology Supply.
  •   Project Management.
  •   Training (nationals & internationals experts).
  •   Agriculture Support.
  •   After Sale and Services.


  •   To Provide & maintain the environment which result in optimum crop production and maximum profit.
  •   Avoiding local limitation.
  •   Controlling harvesting time.
  •   High yield from area.
  •   Growing out of Normal Season.

How: - Due to Controlled gravity conditions

Root Area

  •   Temp.
  •   Soil Moisture.
  •   Nutrition in Growth.
  •   Soil pH & EC control.
  •   Soil texture.
  •   Gasses in soil.

Plant Area

  •   Temp / Humidity.
  •   Light.
  •   Air Composition.
  •   Air movement.

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