Mini & Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System

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  •   Mini Spray jets
  •   Turbo jets
  •   Foggers & Misters
  •   Green mist
  •   Bubblers, Micro Sprinklers
  •   Modular Sprinklers
  •   Low Volume Sprinklers
  •   Full/part Mini Sprinklers


  •   Under foliage irrigation.
  •   Useful in Landscape, Flower beds, shrubs and Nurseries.
  •   Suitable for soil where adequate wetting is difficult to achieve and where water is available for short duration.
  •   Useful for irrigation of vegetables, nurseries.
  •   Can also be used for under tree irrigation.
  •   Used for closely spaced field crops like Potato, leafy vegetables, Cotton, Pulses, Cereals, Fodder crops.
  •   Used for irrigation of plants having widespread root zone and to maintain adequate micro environment in the canopy area.
  •   These are the systems widely used for irrigation of orchards, nurseries, vineyards, greens houses.


  •   Portable, can be quickly shifted from one place to another.
  •   Energy efficient.
  •   Labour saving.
  •   Economical, low operational cost.
  •   Helps to increase effective area under irrigation.
  •   Improves crop quality and gross yield.
  •   Small, medium or large droplets produced by different sprayers, swivels.
  •   Optional anti-mist device for higher distribution uniformity.
  •   Easy to install with different mounting options.
  •   Detachable nozzle and spinners.
  •   Colour coded nozzle for different flow rates.

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